The Dishes We Love to Marry

T h e D i s h e s W e L o v e t o M a r r y


Just as with oils, every recipe has its vinegar. With surprising versatility, this condiment showcases its quality by enhancing the taste of food without overpowering it.

There are sauces to be served at the table, like the salsa verde for boiled meats, which require to be supported by a robust acid taste. In this case, a red wine vinegar such as our Tuscan Red Wine Vinegar provides the right acidity and pairs well with vegetables, salads, and legumes. This type of vinegar is also suitable for accompanying savory and fatty fish, such as roasted eel, as it manages to lighten its intense flavor.

On the other hand, our Tuscan Rosé Wine Vinegar, enriched with chopped shallots and black pepper, is the ideal vinegar to accompany oysters and raw seafood following the French style. It is preferably served at refrigerator temperature or slightly above. It is a stronger vinegar, perfect for those who appreciate intense flavors.

A separate chapter is written by balsamic vinegar, which conveys subtle acidity and sweetness at the same time. Therefore, the perfect pairing is with soft cheeses and game, as well as all kinds of raw vegetables and salads.

Cuore d’Uva is a red wine condiment which has unique qualities that differentiate it from the commonly understood Tuscan vinegar. With its lively ruby red color, hints of sour cherry, violet and plums – the three typical aromas of Tuscan Sangiovese and young Chianti wine – are perceived. These characteristics make it perfect for enhancing all types of raw vegetables and salads.

Our Cuore d’Uva Balsamico is a balsamic condiment that presents natural balsamic characteristics, as it undergoes no cooking. It is ideal for game and for grilled vegetables, meat and fish. Game roasts, in particular, require a soft component, well conveyed by balsamic vinegar. Optionally, this condiment can be used to dress a compote of berries, such as red currants, to serve with the meat. When pairing with foie gras and liver in general, it’s essential to balance the bitter component of the liver by adopting a soft condiment, almost sweet like the Balsamic vinegar, due to its residual sweetness.

To enhance the flavors of soft cheeses and game, but also fruits and delicious desserts, the ideal product is Dolce Cuore d’Uva Balsamico, a balsamic condiment, which has a long-lasting persistence and a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity with velvety nuances. Intense and brilliant in golden yellow and amber tones, it has the consistency of a fluid syrup, making every taste enjoyable.