Cuore d’uva

R e d W i n e C o n d i m e n t

Visual examination: bright ruby red color.

Olfactory examination: with the first smell, sour cherry, violet and plums – the three typical aromas of Tuscan Sangiovese and young Chianti wine – are perceived.

Taste examination: good acidity and good balance.

Aging: Barrique.

Recommended for: vegetable crudités, salads.

Size: 50 ml and 200 ml bottles

Packages: 6-12-24 bottles

This 100% natural product is obtained exclusively from short-bunch Tuscan Sangiovese grapes.

Grapes are handpicked from the vineyards in the Chianti region at the right state of ripeness, healthy and free of defects, in order to preserve their integrity and enhance the organoleptic characteristics and peculiarities of sugars and natural acids present.

Vinification and fermentations are constantly monitored and managed naturally. Wth the aim of obtaining a high-quality natural condiment that preserves the characteristics of the grapes from which it derives, no additives or preservatives of any kind are used.

The heart of the process is acetic fermentation. Carried out using a static surface method reminiscent of the Orleans method, it is very slow, does not stress the product and allows for the enhancement of specific aromas and flavors.

This choice leads to considerable energy savings compared to “industrial methods.”


Cuore d’Uva

R e d W i n e C o n d i m e n t


Cuore d’Uva

R e d W i n e C o n d i m e n t