docle cuore d'uva balsamico

A very special, unique and delicious product. A feather in our cap.

100% Tuscan Sangiovese grapes


Production process


100% Natural

Tuscan Sangiovese grapes

From the vineyards of the Chianti area

Hand-picked grapes

Without additives - No preservatives - No Sulphur dioxide

A 100% natural product, exclusively made from Tuscan Sangiovese grapes short bunches. From the vineyards of the Chianti area, the grapes are still picked by hand at the right stage of ripening, free from healthy and defects, in order to preserve the integrity and enhance the flavor characteristics, natural sugars and acids.

The vinification, preparation of musts and fermentations themselves are constantly monitored and conducted in a natural way, additive and preservative free, in order to obtain a high-quality natural flavoring and preserving the grape peculiarities from which it derives.

The most important step of the process is the acetic fermentation, performed with surface static method that reminds Orleans’ method .It is very slow, it doesn’t stress the product and it allows to exalt aromas and specific flavors.

This choice allows  significant energy savings compared to “industrial methods”.


Tuscan Red Vinegar is perfect accompanied by vegetables, salads and legumes.


Visual Test

Intense and bright colour with golden yellow and amber hues. Syrupy.

Olfactory Test

It has a rich and complex bouquet. Aromatic characteristics that send us back to dried fruit, dates, fruit jams and typical honey of our Vinsanto.

Taste Test

Long-lasting persistence and perfect balance between sweet taste and acidity, with velvet notes.


Similar method to the Solera one, with a final step of one year in little wooden barrels of Vinsanto (Carratelli).


100 ml bottle

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